Monday, September 29, 2008

Me/We Collaborative show.

We've got a cool show coming up at Aurora. 20 artists have started pieces and then traded pieces with other artists which they will then finish. Images to come, but until then here's the list of artists followed by the artist completing their piece:

Dosa Kim - Joy Phrasavath

Shaun Thurston - Michi

Mike Germon - Born

Zarlacc - Harrison Keys

Harrison Keys - Zarlacc

Meta Gary – Aubrey Pope

Ben Goldman - Stephanie Howard

Bryan Westberry – Jason R. Butcher

Sten Mostrom – Sat Kirpal Khalsa

Baxter Crane – Mike Germon

Ann-Marie Manker - J.R. Schulz

Joy Phrasavath - Dosa Kim

Jason R. Butcher - Baxter Crane

Sat Kirpal Khalsa - Stenvik Mostrom

Michi - Shaun Thurston

Aubrey Pope – Meta Gary

Stephanie Howard – Metatronic

Born – Ben Goldman

J.R. Schulz – Ann- Marie Manker

Metatronic – Bryan Westberry

Not quite as much variation as the first Me/We which we did in our house a couple years ago, but there are definitely a lot of interesting combinations. The show opens November 7th @ Aurora Coffee. More to come...

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