Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moments of pride 3 years in

In light of our 3 year anniversary, I started to get a little nostalgic. Here's a few memories from the last 3 years that always make me smile:

Some of my favorite bands have played in our tiny little gallery including: Noot D’ Noot, All the Saints, Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause, Club Awesome, Thy Mighty Contract, Judi Chicago, Herb and Jason Harris (Selmanaires), Jude Stevens, N.E.C and many more.

Artlantis, which for only a month of planning went pretty damn amazing. I still can’t believe we pulled it off.

Getting the Best Of award from Atlanta Magazine and partying at Atlantic Station.

After Aubrey and Jenn’s show when we realized we’d made money for the first time and we had a lights out dance party in the gallery.

Wearing that thrift store suit (the first I ever bought) to the first show I curated at the Westin Hotel.

Rebuilding that wall, re-doing the floor, and getting a business account for Beep Beep phase 2.

The first Me/We show back when we did shows in the Oakhurst house which felt like a huge deal at the time.

The Nashville exchange with Twist Gallery.

Hense and Born, Dixey and Sten, Michi and Dosa, Sam and Joe, Harrison and Zarlacc, Ann-Marie and Jason and a bunch of other cool collaborative shows.

All the solo shows we’ve done. In fact all 38 shows we’ve done.

A ton of fun, a lot of learning, and way too much silliness to include here.

- James McConnell 2009